Who Are the Top Gambling Developers?

Online casinos exist thanks to the games made by software developing companies. While there are a handful of companies that have been considered to be the true pioneers of online casino gaming, there are also new companies that have made quite an impression on the industry, and this is why they are held in high regard by both their business partners and the players. Today, we will rank the top three software development companies that make games for online casinos.

Number One – Playtech


With over 20 years of professional experience, Playtech is a company that can proudly state of being an industry and fan favorite. Not only does this company produces online casino games of all genres (including live dealer titles), but it is also one of the few ones that model a good portion of its roster after licensed franchises!

While we do admit that there are some companies that have made better-looking games than Playtech, we have decided to give this company our number one rank for the overall dependability and quality of the software it presents.

Number Two Goes to Microgaming


In 1994, one company became the first one to produce and provide the first online gaming software. This company is none other than Microgaming! Solidifying its name in the history of gambling, this developer is known by every seasoned online casino player. We didn’t put Microgaming in the first place merely because it doesn’t provide the variety of games that Playtech has; however, that doesn’t mean that this developer isn’t a winner.

In fact, one of Microgaming’s slot games (Mega Moolah) was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the game that made the biggest single payout in the world, with a sum of more than $15 million!

NetEnt Comes Third


NetEnt is a part of the few pioneering companies that started offering online casino software before the industry’s expansion after the year 2000. NetEnt has made more than 700 games, and today continues to make more of different genres.

This developing company is also one of the few ones that are renowned for the quality of their live dealer games. Today, NetEnt continues to be one of the most preferred game developers in the industry by casino operators and players alike.

How Do You Spot a Quality Online Casino Developer?

There are quite a few “tells” that will help you recognize if the software developer you’re interested in is worth your time. First and foremost is the company’s professional direction.

Depending on the types of games, you can see for yourself whether the developer is interested in making only slots, experimenting with other genres, or have an “all-around” approach to all games in general.

Now, bear in mind that if a company makes only slots, that’s not necessarily a drawback – some of the best looking and playing slot games have been made by companies that focus their entire professional effort on one genre.

Another good clue about the quality of a software provider is the platform availability of their games. If the titles they make aren’t available for mobile devices, there is a good chance that they have used obsolete development technology and have not optimized their titles well enough.

If this is so, there is a good chance that the games of the aforementioned developer won’t run as well as expected. A good company will always produce games that can be accessed via different platforms.

A Good Casino Software Company Makes Sure Its Products Are Accessible

In some cases, people can see that the games offered by a specific developer will support not only a large variety of languages but also a wide range of currencies. Sadly, there isn’t a “surefire” way to tell if a game would support multi-languages, due to the fact that the casino operators themselves place an order for specific languages and money format before leasing the games from any developers.

In any case, a good software developer will always try to accommodate the needs of its customers and those of the fans – regardless of where they come from.