What Is RNG and How Does It Work?

All online casino games that do not require the need for a human dealer to be operated, use an RNG (random number generator). The RNG is an integral part of all slots and instant (non-live dealer) table games, as it is meant to produce a truly random outcome of every reel spin or draw.

There are a few variations of the random number generator, and their use depends on the casino software developer companies. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about RNG and its importance in the online casino industry!

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The Hardware and Pseudorandom Number Generators

The Hardware version (also called true random number generator) is one of the most used technologies in casino games today. The fact that they are referred to as “hardware” means that the generation of random numbers occurs due to the presence of a physical process such as temperature noise, static electricity, and in some cases, meteorological occurrences such as lightning in nature.

The HRNG is often implemented in the form of a chip or a computer part that acts as a measurement tool and random number generator at the same time.

Pseudorandom number generators, on the other hand, are dependent on self-reliant algorithm processes that are contained within a special software code. The application of a PRNG in online casino games requires the use of so-called “seed” numbers, which are pre-programmed within the algorithm – this is the only way to ensure the presence of a steady RTP (return to player) rate.

Both random number generator types are of essential importance not only in the casino industry but also in processes that require the generation of outcomes based on a random principle.

What Is a Certificate for RNG and How to Get It?

GLI (Gaming Labs International) is one of the many technical testing agencies (TTA) that possess the credibility and expert knowledge needed to determine if an RNG algorithm used by a software developer is truly random. In most cases, for a jurisdiction to allow the offering of online casino games on its territory, it will require that the operator presents a valid certificate for the fairness of the RNG used in those games.

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Once a software developer has created a gaming title, they will employ the services of a TTA. The agency then will simulate hundreds of thousands of “playthroughs” on that specific software and examine the data afterward. If there are no statistical “patterns,” then the game’s RNG algorithm is certified by the TTA to be safe and truly random.

Hacking the RNG – Is It Possible?

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It is widely regarded that hacking RNG of a specific game is not practically possible. While many have risen to dispute that claim, it’s more likely improbable as the knowledge, time, and effort needed to introduce a “predictability factor” within the RNG is incalculable.

The funny thing is that neither the online casino operator nor the players have the complex technical knowledge needed to even approach hacking the generator. Last but not least is that RNG certification is done on a regular basis, and if any discrepancies are detected, the game in question will be pulled from circulation.

The Importance of a Random Number Generator

In the world of online casino gaming, there is no other way to make sure that the outcome of every round is based on a truly random occurrence. The use of a random number generator is not only necessary but mandatory; in fact, it is the only way to make sure that games are not “rigged.”

An interesting fact is that the first electronic slot and video poker machines in land-based casinos were equipped with a special chip that contained a random number generation program. Whether online or offline, any casino game that runs on electricity will have an RNG in one shape or form.

Random Number Generator Technology Stays Relatively the Same

While the technology that makes use of RNG is changing, the principle behind the generator itself is practically unchanged. Due to the fact that it operates on the so-called “chaos theory” in mathematics and the principles of “unstable dynamics,” RNG does not require to be fundamentally improved, as it already does what it’s supposed to do.

One thing is for sure – if you’re interested in playing in an online casino, make sure that the games they offer have a properly certified random number generator!