Who Are the Top Gambling Developers?

Online casinos exist thanks to the games made by software developing companies. While there are a handful of companies that have been considered to be the true pioneers of online casino gaming, there are also new companies that have made quite an impression on the industry, and this is why they are held in high regard by both their business partners and the players. Today, we will rank the top three software development companies that make games for online casinos.

Number One – Playtech


With over 20 years of professional experience, Playtech is a company that can proudly state of being an industry and fan favorite. Not only does this company produces online casino games of all genres (including live dealer titles), but it is also one of the few ones that model a good portion of its roster after licensed franchises!

While we do admit that there are some companies that have made better-looking games than Playtech, we have decided to give this company our number one rank for the overall dependability and quality of the software it presents.

Number Two Goes to Microgaming


In 1994, one company became the first one to produce and provide the first online gaming software. This company is none other than Microgaming! Solidifying its name in the history of gambling, this developer is known by every seasoned online casino player. We didn’t put Microgaming in the first place merely because it doesn’t provide the variety of games that Playtech has; however, that doesn’t mean that this developer isn’t a winner.

In fact, one of Microgaming’s slot games (Mega Moolah) was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the game that made the biggest single payout in the world, with a sum of more than $15 million!

NetEnt Comes Third


NetEnt is a part of the few pioneering companies that started offering online casino software before the industry’s expansion after the year 2000. NetEnt has made more than 700 games, and today continues to make more of different genres.

This developing company is also one of the few ones that are renowned for the quality of their live dealer games. Today, NetEnt continues to be one of the most preferred game developers in the industry by casino operators and players alike.

How Do You Spot a Quality Online Casino Developer?

There are quite a few “tells” that will help you recognize if the software developer you’re interested in is worth your time. First and foremost is the company’s professional direction.

Depending on the types of games, you can see for yourself whether the developer is interested in making only slots, experimenting with other genres, or have an “all-around” approach to all games in general.

Now, bear in mind that if a company makes only slots, that’s not necessarily a drawback – some of the best looking and playing slot games have been made by companies that focus their entire professional effort on one genre.

Another good clue about the quality of a software provider is the platform availability of their games. If the titles they make aren’t available for mobile devices, there is a good chance that they have used obsolete development technology and have not optimized their titles well enough.

If this is so, there is a good chance that the games of the aforementioned developer won’t run as well as expected. A good company will always produce games that … Read the rest

What Is a Casino Developer?

One of the first wrong impressions beginner players get when discovering online casinos is that they are the actual creators of the gaming software featured there. While in some cases some big gambling brands do have their own software developer companies (such as 888), in the majority of cases, a casino operator would lease a bundle of gaming titles from the companies that develop and supply all of the games. Just like everything else, developers range from great to “not-so-good,” but regardless of the visual quality of their product, they are still present in the industry. In this list, you will find out more about the world of casino software development.

The Online Casino Software – Purchasing Games, Managing Payments, Etc.

online casino software providers

In most cases, software development companies create a special platform that will streamline the process of managing and adding games to an online venue’s website. While in some cases those management platforms would often feature “bonus control options,” they are almost never associated with the separate platform that manages player payments. Online casinos that feature the games of more than one developer need to use several of those platforms in order to properly manage the games within their rosters. Because multi-managing several platforms has been recognized as “time-inefficient,” many developers have become partners, successfully offering their bundle of games under a single aggregation platform.

The Importance of Casino Software

Creating a variety of online casino games is not only connected to the venues that offer them, but also to a number of special organizations that make sure that everything is done up to legal industry standards. Creating proper software ensures not only that the games are running smoothly but are also fair – making it impossible for the player or the gambling venue to engage in any sort of cheating.

The Best Online Casino Software Developers

It’s only natural that some software makers will stand out among others. In some cases, it is because of the experience they have; in other cases, it will be because of the quality of their games. With that being said, we present Microgaming. A company that is hailed to be the first developer of online casino software, Microgaming started out in 1994, and even today continues to remain as one of the most respected game makers in the business.

Although NetEnt started merely two years after Microgaming, they also made their mark on the industry. Having made more than 600 games since its conception, the company has also branched out to making live casino software as well. Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play – these and many other companies have made their own presence known, and today are considered to be some of the best ones online.

New Developers Are Making Headlines as Well

The online casino industry is one that changes by the second, and merely having a long history of experience doesn’t guarantee a seat at the top. Many new companies have risen to challenge some of the biggest names out there, and in some cases, they have proven to be serious competitors. Just like the games themselves, development technology is also progressing, and the companies that are in tune with the latest technological trends manage to achieve excellence in their field.

mobile casino

For quite some time now, the majority of soft developing companies have shifted their efforts and have focused on making online casino software for mobile gaming platforms. Although a … Read the rest

What Is RNG and How Does It Work?

All online casino games that do not require the need for a human dealer to be operated, use an RNG (random number generator). The RNG is an integral part of all slots and instant (non-live dealer) table games, as it is meant to produce a truly random outcome of every reel spin or draw.

There are a few variations of the random number generator, and their use depends on the casino software developer companies. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about RNG and its importance in the online casino industry!

rng casino

The Hardware and Pseudorandom Number Generators

The Hardware version (also called true random number generator) is one of the most used technologies in casino games today. The fact that they are referred to as “hardware” means that the generation of random numbers occurs due to the presence of a physical process such as temperature noise, static electricity, and in some cases, meteorological occurrences such as lightning in nature.

The HRNG is often implemented in the form of a chip or a computer part that acts as a measurement tool and random number generator at the same time.

Pseudorandom number generators, on the other hand, are dependent on self-reliant algorithm processes that are contained within a special software code. The application of a PRNG in online casino games requires the use of so-called “seed” numbers, which are pre-programmed within the algorithm – this is the only way to ensure the presence of a steady RTP (return to player) rate.

Both random number generator types are of essential importance not only in the casino industry but also in processes that require the generation of outcomes based on a random principle.

What Is a Certificate for RNG and How to Get It?

GLI (Gaming Labs International) is one of the many technical testing agencies (TTA) that possess the credibility and expert knowledge needed to determine if an RNG algorithm used by a software developer is truly random. In most cases, for a jurisdiction to allow the offering of online casino games on its territory, it will require that the operator presents a valid certificate for the fairness of the RNG used in those games.

rng certificate

Once a software developer has created a gaming title, they will employ the services of a TTA. The agency then will simulate hundreds of thousands of “playthroughs” on that specific software and examine the data afterward. If there are no statistical “patterns,” then the game’s RNG algorithm is certified by the TTA to be safe and truly random.

Hacking the RNG – Is It Possible?

hacking rng

It is widely regarded that hacking RNG of a specific game is not practically possible. While many have risen to dispute that claim, it’s more likely improbable as the knowledge, time, and effort needed to introduce a “predictability factor” within the RNG is incalculable.

The funny thing is that neither the online casino operator nor the players have the complex technical knowledge needed to even approach hacking the generator. Last but not least is that RNG certification is done on a regular basis, and if any discrepancies are detected, the game in question will be pulled from circulation.

The Importance of a Random Number Generator

In the world of online casino gaming, there is no other way to make sure that the outcome of every round is based on a truly random occurrence. The use of … Read the rest

The Future of The Gambling Industry

Over the last three decades, land-based and online gambling has taken an incredible leap forward in both the development of new technologies and the creation of new games.

Many industry experts speculate that the gambling markets have reached their peak performance, but it turns out that there are many opportunities with untapped potential that are waiting to be developed. In this article, we will take a look at the latest technological and market trends that will decide the future of the gambling industry.

The First Step Is Taken Through Mobile Technologies

When smartphones with decent hardware became relatively affordable to the general public, the world saw an upward spike in users playing mobile games. This, of course, included the many online casinos that offered their mobile-compatible services.

Many skeptics thought that mobile online gambling would “fizz out” like a short-lived trend, but in fact, it was quite the opposite. Numerous sources speculate that as much as 51% of all online casino players are using their mobile devices as their preferred gaming platform.

Virtual Reality and Online Gambling

vr gambling

Gambling itself is an interactive experience. The industry is looking for new ways to improve its current technological base in order to increase and amplify that experience. One of the most promising trends that have just taken their baby steps are virtual and augmented reality. Banking on the “immersion effect,” a handful of online casino developers have already presented a prototype of their “virtual casino grounds.”

The only reason why it hasn’t kicked off just yet is due to two things – the high production costs of the gaming software, and the expensive hardware that people need to possess in order to experience them. Perhaps in a decade or so, the technology will be as affordable and widespread as the gambling industry hopes it to be.

Some Setbacks in Progress Are Natural

During the rising mobile craze, software developing companies did appear to take a “step back” when they started experimenting with games that were meant to be played on wearable devices such as smartwatches. Naturally, this proved nothing more as a “one-time novelty experience.”

Due to the physical limitations of wearable technology, the introduction of new casino gaming titles proved to be an unfruitful one. Although considered to be a mistake by many, the trial and error principle is important to the gambling industry in order to achieve true evolution.

Upcoming Opportunity with New Technology

With the “shy” release of foldable phone technology, gambling software developers have started a frantic brainstorming session. As every new piece of tech, foldable screen mobile devices are still far too expensive to be used by the majority of online gamblers; however, there is no doubt that there are already strategies put in place, waiting to be executed when the technology becomes affordable.

Cryptocurrency Will Play a Major Role

crypto casino

Today, more and more casinos worldwide introduce Bitcoin support as one of their banking methods. Because many jurisdictions are cracking down on banking providers that facilitate gambling payments, casinos have started moving to a decentralized means of payment – such is the cryptocurrency.

It won’t come as a surprise that in approximately ten years, online gambling venues will conduct business exclusively via crypto such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and others.

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The Future of Gambling Is Coming Sooner Than We Think

While land-based gambling takes … Read the rest

Cross Platform Online Casino Compatibility and Challenges

Since mobile technologies made a great impact on the gambling industry as a whole, we have seen almost every known software developer divert a large portion of their efforts and resources into becoming competitively efficient.

While at this point in time the market is pretty much balanced between players who like to use their mobile devices and those who prefer the comfort of a desktop computer, it is up to casino operators and casino developers to make sure that their games are easily accessible regardless of the platform in question.

The Differences Between Mobile and PC Online Casino Games

mobile and desktop gambling

While mobile gaming reigns supreme when it comes to “convenience of use,” it still falls short of a few critical aspects that are present in PC gaming. The first one is the availability of titles – since the dawn of online casino gaming, almost every software developer in the industry utilized the software platform “Flash” to create their games. Although Flash continues to exist today, the development industry has shifted to HTML5 due to its better compatibility with browsers running on both mobile and PC platforms.

There are some companies that “rework” some of their oldest titles to be HTML-compatible, this is considered to be a process that takes an incredible amount of time – which is what explains the limited availability of games on mobile devices.

While in some cases, a dedicated app for a smartphone might contain a bit more games, it still doesn’t come close to the availability provided by the PC platform. As far as statistics go, a downloadable app for PC is known to offer the most comprehensive list of games offered by a casino.

The Benefits of Cross Platform Casino Games

Avid online players are probably the ones that can testify to the usefulness of a casino that features proper cross-platform functionality. Many people like to play at home, but then continue their gaming session when they go out – which is what the best online casinos are able to facilitate. Another important benefit is the concept of multiplayer. Those casino members that enjoy gambling with their friends will be able to do so, regardless of who is playing on a PC or mobile.

There Are Some Drawbacks as Well

While the availability of titles is an inherent drawback, there are a number of other minor cons that should be considered. It is not uncommon for developers to decrease the visual quality of their games by disabling a number of effects, sounds, or animations.

Due to the fact that most mobile devices are made for the affordable consumer market, they won’t have the same hardware specifications as those of “flagship” devices; this is why developers will somewhat limit the graphics of their titles for the sake of smooth operation.

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Cross-Platform Casinos Are Setting the Newest Industry Standards

The good news is that with the development of new hardware and software, the drawbacks found in cross-platform online casinos are eliminated one by one. Developers create new and improved methods to optimize their mobile games in such a way that they won’t have to limit the use of any features.

The bottom line is that any online casino that enjoys some kind of attention from the general public cannot afford to offer sub-par mobile functionality. Companies that create live dealer casino solutions have … Read the rest