Welcome. This Site is Under Construction!

Mycelium is evolving and growing. With gratitude for the deep learning and powerful experiences that have led us to this point, a new group of stewards are stepping up to host the organization into a journey below ground. The Mycelium network is made up of amazing people who are working to help meet the needs of our times. If you are reading this, perhaps you are one of those people! The wisdom and experiences, listening, noticing, and reflection of these people will define the next phase of Mycelium.

The underground voyage is a shift away from the framework of “What is Mycelium? What does it do?” and towards the inquiry of “Who is Mycelium? Who is in this network? How are we living and embodying the mycelium metaphor?”

Mycelium has always been adaptive and shaped by the perceived needs of the times. Our hope is that this phase of inquiry and reflection will give the system a chance to see itself, discover who the next stewards will be, and gain clarity on how Mycelium might again re-emerge above ground. An invitation to submerge into the soil and collaborate will appear on these pages soon.

Your transition stewards,
Ashley Cooper, Mattice Haynes, Kate Morales, and Dana Pearlman