What Is a Casino Developer?

One of the first wrong impressions beginner players get when discovering online casinos is that they are the actual creators of the gaming software featured there. While in some cases some big gambling brands do have their own software developer companies (such as 888), in the majority of cases, a casino operator would lease a bundle of gaming titles from the companies that develop and supply all of the games. Just like everything else, developers range from great to “not-so-good,” but regardless of the visual quality of their product, they are still present in the industry. In this list, you will find out more about the world of casino software development.

The Online Casino Software – Purchasing Games, Managing Payments, Etc.

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In most cases, software development companies create a special platform that will streamline the process of managing and adding games to an online venue’s website. While in some cases those management platforms would often feature “bonus control options,” they are almost never associated with the separate platform that manages player payments. Online casinos that feature the games of more than one developer need to use several of those platforms in order to properly manage the games within their rosters. Because multi-managing several platforms has been recognized as “time-inefficient,” many developers have become partners, successfully offering their bundle of games under a single aggregation platform.

The Importance of Casino Software

Creating a variety of online casino games is not only connected to the venues that offer them, but also to a number of special organizations that make sure that everything is done up to legal industry standards. Creating proper software ensures not only that the games are running smoothly but are also fair – making it impossible for the player or the gambling venue to engage in any sort of cheating.

The Best Online Casino Software Developers

It’s only natural that some software makers will stand out among others. In some cases, it is because of the experience they have; in other cases, it will be because of the quality of their games. With that being said, we present Microgaming. A company that is hailed to be the first developer of online casino software, Microgaming started out in 1994, and even today continues to remain as one of the most respected game makers in the business.

Although NetEnt started merely two years after Microgaming, they also made their mark on the industry. Having made more than 600 games since its conception, the company has also branched out to making live casino software as well. Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play – these and many other companies have made their own presence known, and today are considered to be some of the best ones online.

New Developers Are Making Headlines as Well

The online casino industry is one that changes by the second, and merely having a long history of experience doesn’t guarantee a seat at the top. Many new companies have risen to challenge some of the biggest names out there, and in some cases, they have proven to be serious competitors. Just like the games themselves, development technology is also progressing, and the companies that are in tune with the latest technological trends manage to achieve excellence in their field.

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For quite some time now, the majority of soft developing companies have shifted their efforts and have focused on making online casino software for mobile gaming platforms. Although a while back, the professional experience of a company played a vital part in their standing with the industry, today’s market demand for more mobile-friendly content has certainly repositioned the popularity of many developers. If an online casino software company doesn’t offer mobile support for its products, there is a good chance that they won’t be around for long!