Cross Platform Online Casino Compatibility and Challenges

Since mobile technologies made a great impact on the gambling industry as a whole, we have seen almost every known software developer divert a large portion of their efforts and resources into becoming competitively efficient.

While at this point in time the market is pretty much balanced between players who like to use their mobile devices and those who prefer the comfort of a desktop computer, it is up to casino operators and casino developers to make sure that their games are easily accessible regardless of the platform in question.

The Differences Between Mobile and PC Online Casino Games

mobile and desktop gambling

While mobile gaming reigns supreme when it comes to “convenience of use,” it still falls short of a few critical aspects that are present in PC gaming. The first one is the availability of titles – since the dawn of online casino gaming, almost every software developer in the industry utilized the software platform “Flash” to create their games. Although Flash continues to exist today, the development industry has shifted to HTML5 due to its better compatibility with browsers running on both mobile and PC platforms.

There are some companies that “rework” some of their oldest titles to be HTML-compatible, this is considered to be a process that takes an incredible amount of time – which is what explains the limited availability of games on mobile devices.

While in some cases, a dedicated app for a smartphone might contain a bit more games, it still doesn’t come close to the availability provided by the PC platform. As far as statistics go, a downloadable app for PC is known to offer the most comprehensive list of games offered by a casino.

The Benefits of Cross Platform Casino Games

Avid online players are probably the ones that can testify to the usefulness of a casino that features proper cross-platform functionality. Many people like to play at home, but then continue their gaming session when they go out – which is what the best online casinos are able to facilitate. Another important benefit is the concept of multiplayer. Those casino members that enjoy gambling with their friends will be able to do so, regardless of who is playing on a PC or mobile.

There Are Some Drawbacks as Well

While the availability of titles is an inherent drawback, there are a number of other minor cons that should be considered. It is not uncommon for developers to decrease the visual quality of their games by disabling a number of effects, sounds, or animations.

Due to the fact that most mobile devices are made for the affordable consumer market, they won’t have the same hardware specifications as those of “flagship” devices; this is why developers will somewhat limit the graphics of their titles for the sake of smooth operation.

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Cross-Platform Casinos Are Setting the Newest Industry Standards

The good news is that with the development of new hardware and software, the drawbacks found in cross-platform online casinos are eliminated one by one. Developers create new and improved methods to optimize their mobile games in such a way that they won’t have to limit the use of any features.

The bottom line is that any online casino that enjoys some kind of attention from the general public cannot afford to offer sub-par mobile functionality. Companies that create live dealer casino solutions have also directed their efforts to optimize how their stream appears on mobile device screens. If you’re interested in visiting a particular casino, find out if it has good cross-platform support – if it does, then you’ve probably come to the right place.