Education for Emerging Leaders

There are many aspiring changemakers who are looking for a learning experience that is personally meaningful, socially relevant, hands-on and affordable. They need a learning experience that, in a small window of time, will allow them to realize their potential. Mycelium exists for these emerging leaders — the ones who are looking for more structure than a self-designed learning journey, but more customization and real-world application than an MBA program.


We believe that if one is to make an impact in the world, it is critical that one is self-aware. We exist to help changemakers develop and clarify their values, their passions, and their mission on this planet. We’ve found that too often, traditional education focuses almost exclusively on intellectual development. However, we believe social, emotional and personal development are critical elements that lead to lives filled with passion, integrity, and meaningful creation.

Living Systems Thinking

So often, we see people, businesses, nonprofits and governments falling short of doing their intended good because their thinking is fragmented. In today’s world, organizations often use piecemeal solutions to fix broader, systemic problems that need broader, systemic solutions. We believe that our world is complex, alive and ever-changing. We work with our participants to see the world in its complexity and interconnectivity. Together, we design and create conditions that foster healthy, systemic solutions. We do this through a very specific lens of social entrepreneurship that takes into consideration the diverse stakeholders that influence a situation, the co-creators, customers, investors, community and planet.


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