Who Should Apply

chuck finalMycelium participants are 18-35 year olds, acting boldly on the injustice and ineffective processes in the current systems.  They are tired of the business-as-usual complacency and see clear pathways for a different, more efficient and effective future that will make the world a more just and habitable place for all. They are agitated and ready for things to be different and they are already taking small and large steps to cause impact, invite change and forge meaningful relationships. They are big-eyed dreamers looking for new answers, striving to do their part, and yet still navigating and seeking their own unique special sauce and their tribe to create with. These aspiring changemakers have a diverse palate of experiences. They are obsessively curious knowledge seekers that are ready to commit their lives to making our world better. And they are sensitive souls that see, hear, feel and intuit a deep spectrum of human experience. They dive below the surface looking for the meaning behind things and are eager to make connections and form bridges between initiatives, concepts and people whenever possible.

A major difference between Mycelium participants and others in the social good world is that our participants believe they can do good and make a viable living at the same time. They can make an impact and have free time for mountain biking, poetry and cooking dinner for their friends. They can blow your mind with ideas and shoot the shit over a beer.

Still Interested?

If you can answer yes to the following questions, we encourage you to apply.

  • Are you deeply driven to create a better world?
  • Are you inspired to learn within a community of change agents?
  • Do you feel comfortable amidst uncertainty and change?
  • Are you adaptable if the context requires it?
  • Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?
  • Are you comfortable with opposing ideas?
  • Are you willing to let go of everything you know to be true if new information warrants it?


You exist on the fringes. Traditional learning institutions do not challenge you. You see a world that doesn’t exist and you will create it. Walking the edge between today and tomorrow, you are an insatiable learner with an unbridled curiosity and burning desire to experience, experiment and create.

Mycelium is here to help you unleash your superpowers and connect them with the world.

HOWEVER, if your aim is to learn the direct skills needed to be in marketing, management, accounting, or a even become a CEO, we recommend you pursue an MBA. This is not a learning environment designed for you to refine specific hard skills, but rather optimize your potential to create impact in the world. There will be chaos, confusion and frustration that goes well beyond pulling all nighters to pass a test. At Mycelium, you will be challenged like never before.