Life After Mycelium

After your nine months at Mycelium, you will enter a community of tenacious innovators that will continue to offer you connections, ideas and inspiration for you to step into your potential out in the world. We team you up with folks from our local and international community of action who will serve as dedicated partners as you bring your gifts to the world.

  • You may go on to join a company in our network as an intrapreneur, weaving your valuable skills, drive for innovation and frameworks for responsible business into the fabric of the organization.
  • You may go on to consult with organizations that are wishing to deepen their agency within employees, increase their capacity for  innovation and build resilience.
  • You may go on to launch your own social enterprise.

Whatever you’re called to do, we will champion you on your journey. Our major metric for success is the depth and scope of your impact. So it is in our best interests that you succeed wildly.

We will also invite our graduates back as advisers, fellows, visiting instructors and residents to deepen and enrich the Mycelium learning community.