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The Ideas That Move Youth Challenge was created to provide incentives, community support and public awareness to champion the development and implementation of ideas that have significant potential to solve our community’s most pressing problems. These aren’t just bright ideas that sound inspiring, but rather ideas that move, ideas that are ready to grow legs, take root in the community, and actively bring about the change these youth see possible.


As you watch the presentations and feel inspired to learn more, please reach out to the team contact person. These presentations are only the beginning for these youth to bring about change. Their ideas will move further and faster if a community of dedicated support gets behind them to help.

1. Water Conservation: Water Leaking Through the Drainpipes

SILSA High School – Maggie Anixter, Anna Hibbert, Caroline Hopkins
To offer support contact Caroline Hopkins –

2. Youth Diversity in the Classroom and School Community

SILSA High School – Na’Shayla Petty, Merritt Sessions, Symone Simmons
To offer support contact Merritt Sessions –

3. Feed the Need: A Project to Feed Everyone

North Buncombe Middle School – Gabby Bailey, Bella Bergam, Lindzey Pearson
To offer support contact Kerri Hampton –

Feed the Need

4. Switching Asheville City School Buses from Diesel to Biodiesel

SILSA High School – Samson Keach, Sanjay Khindria, Olivia Maddix
To offer support contact Olivia Maddix –

5. Aquaponics as Food Insecurity Solution

Odyssey Community School – Saim Alam, Emily Diaz-Loar, Jackson Fairbanks-Loose, August Henson, Keith James
To offer support contact Emily Diaz-Loar –

6. Conservation for Education

Asheville High School – Liana Murray
To offer support contact Liana Murray –

7. Swim for Life

AC Reynolds High School – Rachel Ballard, Ashley Cocciadifierro, Kaley Cross, Larissa Woods
To offer support contact Larissa Wood –

8. Asheville High Compost Initiative

SILSA and Asheville High School – Emily Barnard, Chloe Barnard, Alison Jones, Noelle Lee, Erin Wilson
To offer support contact Emily Barnard –

9. Community Gardens in Schools

Christ School – Kristian Gaylord, Conor Stuart-Roe
To offer support contact Conor Stuart-Roe –

10. Digital Kiosk Implementation

SILSA High School – Adam Illig, Neena Khindria, Rachel Laity
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