Victoria Yu

Writer/Researcher Extraordinaire //

One of the hardest questions you can ask Victoria is “Where are you from?” She’ll most likely pull a face, and ask you, “long story or short story?”

Born in Los Angeles, CA but raised through her formative childhood years in various cities and provinces in China, she temporarily calls Shanghai “home” as she has done so for the last eight years. Currently a sophomore studying in Wellesley, MA, she longs for cheap tasty Asian food or better, her grandpa’s cooking (he makes dim sum a gazillion times better than restaurant chefs).

When she’s not mourning her loss of quality comfort food, Victoria is studying International Relations and Comparative Literature. She hopes to use it in the future in the forms of journalism, travel writing, and/or fiction to spread cultural understanding of certain aspects of Asia to the rest of the world. She also likes to think she’s a gifted storyteller and good listener. Whether that is true, only time shall tell.

In terms of her role in Mycelium, she can be found researching learning methods and efficient collaboration (which is obviously a case by case situation since every team has their own dynamics) and contributing her findings to the blog.

If curious about her musings on writing, life, spirituality, and travel, you can find her personal blog here.