Tirza Hollenhorst

Learning Catalyst //

I have spent my career at the intersection of entrepreneurship, talent development, and ecology. After completing degrees in Biology and Environmental Engineering, I was supported to research social-ecological interactions on 5 continents.  I co-founded an international network for corporate social responsibility and was an early pioneer in social enterprise.  As an event producer and facilitator, I have led thousands of people through educational and transformational experiences. And as an entrepreneur, I had the honor to serve both exceptional clients and incredible teams. I am known for my integrity, my honesty, my deep insights, and my ability to support others in connecting to their higher potential.

From my experiences I have learned that I have a unique role as a Chief Performance Officer – someone who is dedicated to designing and implementing systems where people and teams operate at peak performance. I believe that we are only just tapping into the potential of human ingenuity. Humans are capable of generating all the solutions that we need, but only when fear is removed and they are supported to respond from their greatness and genius.

Consequently, I now support organizations in designing teams and workplaces that build a world that works for everyone: where humans and their endeavors are deeply connected and integrated into the ecological system we are all part of. To that end I am also currently producing a series of Summits and associated books; the first, The Future of Working, will be at the Vodafone Innovation Center.  I am expanding my commitment to stand for the greatness I see in others and I am dedicated to supporting the Luman team to bring its genius to the world.


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