Jonathan Santos

Winter 2015 Participant // ,

Jonathan Santos, of African American and Puerto Rican descent, is an artist, poet, songwriter, community organiser and activist with a BA in Political Science. His works focus on social, intra-personal, and environmental justice always starting with self as his latest CD title I’m Changing the World, by changing me suggests. Santos created GlocalSoul Edutainment to connect the power of music and performance with self-empowerment, social justice, community building and wellness. He also works in schools through the Lyrics to Life: Poetry, Rhyme and Song series. His current focus is working within the African American community to empower and heal the youth of the next generation and to find pathways for young African Americans to join the world table and define themselves in a positive local and global context.

Learn more about Jonathon Santos at his website.

My Learning Journey

I am saying yes to putting my focus and professional development as an Songwriter, Performing Artist, Community Organizer, and Entrepreneur FIRST! I am saying yes to being supported in facing my blindspots and shadows to really realign with my passion. I am saying yes to being supported as a great father. I am saying yes to finding a consistent and sustainable pace that allows me to find contentment with appreciating all the progress I’m making towards my goals and accepting all the abundance around me!