Roshanda Cummings

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Roshanda Cummings is a long-time Vallejo resident, Millennial whippersnapper, and also the creator and curator of the This Is Vallejo Project (TIV). Told never to stay in her hometown, Vallejo, CA, she earned her Bachelors of Arts in International Social Science from Bethel College, Indiana. She further fueled her passion for people and place through Field Assessments in East Africa (Food For the Hungry Intl.), Social Research Facilitation for university students in Southeast Asia (GoEd Mekong Delta), and Management on of the largest co-working spaces in North America (Impact Hub San Francisco).  It was at this last station that she stumbled onto both social entrepreneurship and Art of Hosting. The consequence? Social disruption, meaningful conversation, and powerful questions have snuck their way into everything she does, even her work with her hometown.

She lives in Vallejo (the prodigal daughter has returned) and works in Oakland for Impact Hub Oakland. She’s now seated on the Board for GoEd Study Abroad Programs and team member for When she’s not brainstorming concepts for TIV, she creates community among social entrepreneurs, and reads halves of books. She’s a sucker for an underdog story.