Rosetta Starshine

Rosetta Starshine is a local to WNC. As a child she was fed and tended by hippies, kind mountain folk, and a three legged dog in a shack hidden way up in a holler of Appalachian perfection.

After learning about the toxins and tricks of the food service industry via her teenage jobs at Harde’s and Taco Bell, she spent several years adventuring and waitressing her way around the world till she resettled in her home town to birth her first child, nurture her roots and build a house out of mud and straw.

Since she has continued to birth babies, businesses, and crazy ideas on a regular basis. She is the mama bear behind Rosetta’s Kitchen, which has two locations and a retail and wholesale line of frozen food products.

She uses commerce as a way to effect change, believing that we have the most potential to change the exploitative side of the capitalist system by diving into the center to change the DNA of what a corporation can be.
Her many passions include nourishment and wellness, dynamic governance, free range child rearing, the animal mind (including her own and yours), connection to life force (God), permaculture in all its varied forms, and basically having a great colorful adventure while using her life work to “be the change”.