Rochelle Hudson

Rochelle is an Asheville-area 20-something working on several projects for alternative and emerging technologies in education (the Learning Revolution Project and Agile Learning Centers) and collaboration (Center for Collaborative Awareness).

She has undergraduate degrees in Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Biology, and has studied human non-verbal communication, created research paradigms on social cognition for patients with Alzheimers (and other forms of dementia), and built metabolic models for brain metabolism.

Rochelle has worked as a warehouse supervisor (forklifts—woo), Japanese fast-food sample distributor, and once ran a business selling rocks out of her very own Radio Flyer wagon.

She has a general background in the fine arts (mom’s an art teacher), moderate musical abilities (she plays viola in the Blue Ridge Orchestra), and is so very, very close to completing her 225-hour yoga teacher training.