Roan Coughtry

Fall Lab 2015 Participant // ,
Roan Coughtry, MSW, is a freelance writer, educator, and healer based out of Atlanta, GA. With roots originating from the rural farmlands of New York, they have traveled extensively for both work and pleasure, fostering a background in psychology, the arts, social justice organizing, alternative healing, and radical sex positivity along the way. They’ve worked with grassroots organizations nationally and internationally to advocate for racial, sexual, gender, and economic justice, and they continue to raise awareness around issues of diversity through trainings, presentations, and workshops. In 2011 they received their Masters in Social Work from Smith College, and a year later they co-founded the Transgender Advocates of the Capital Region, an Albany, NY-based organization aimed at supporting the empowerment of local trans* and genderqueer communities. A co-leader and founding member of the Sexual Liberation Collective, they are passionate about kindling the connection between erotic energy, creativity, spirituality, and social change.


My Fall Lab

I want to center and make space for identifying what my work is in the world – how I can best use my gifts and passions to contribute to social change in a way that is also nourishing and feeds my soul. I want to gain confidence and trust in stepping forward on my path, even if I don’t know the specifics. I know this work revolves around education, writing, healing work, and sexual liberation, and I look forward to discovering what this might look like.

Current Guiding Question

How can I best use my gifts, skills, and passions to contribute to social change in a way that leaves me excited, nourished, and satisfied? How can I create my own business and fund my work in a way that is aligned with my values and also offers my skills in an accessible way?