Maureen K. McCarthy

Visiting Instructor // ,
Maureen K. McCarthy is a true pioneer and visionary in the study of business relationships and the brain. She is the Director of the Center for Collaborative Awareness in Asheville , NC and the co-creator of the Blueprint of WE Collaboration Process—used worldwide to build and sustain healthier, more resilient business relationships in groups large and small. (Quick Visual Intro) Maureen’s years of large group facilitation, dynamic speaking, and global management consulting have given her the ability to engage others and stir their souls. As a social scientist, with an emphasis on neuroscience, her insights into how we as human beings survive, and ultimately thrive, in relationship with ourselves and others, changes the perspectives and lives of every person who hears her stories. Her tools assist people in turning down the volume of their Safety Brain and increasing the volume of the Connected Brain, creating greater levels of Collaborative Awareness. You will walk away with the tools to live a more effortless day-to-day existence, no matter how diverse the people and circumstances around you. Learning from Maureen is life altering.