Mattice Haynes

Learning Facilitator & Summer 2014 Participant // , ,

“Love is the ultimate motivation of a transformative leader. Love inspires, it activates audacity, boldness and courage, and it generates boundless energy. Without love of a cause, how can we take a stand, how can we make sacrifices, how can we venture, how can we take risks? It is love that generates the energy that keeps us unfolding the future, that keeps us engaged, that keeps us in the groove.”

~ Hope Chigudu’s thoughts on ‘Riding the Waves of Activist Leadership’

I use my gift of listening with an empathic heart to co-design and  facilitate inclusive dialogues. Lifting up community voices in visioning, planning, and decision-making processes has been at the core of my facilitation and consulting practice. Throughout my practice, I’ve explored the tension between “intimacy” and “scale” and how best to contribute to community and social change. I’ve work alongside neighborhood and community leaders and I’ve also served in leadership roles in large-scale citywide, regional, and national public engagement efforts.I strive to unleash the wisdom of diverse groups and support them in connecting their talk to collective action and impact. Over the last 15 years I’ve worked with people, organizations, and communities of many shapes and sizes. Whether facilitating a 500 person town meeting in New York City, coaching resident groups in some of Atlanta’s most historic neighborhoods, or managing an international summit in Brussels, Belgium, I’m propelled by love, compassion, and justice. I’m passionate about co-creating spaces where all people experience being truly seen, heard, and held as a part of the sacred whole.

My Learning Journey:

  • I’m saying Yes! to a renewed relationship with myself where awareness, compassion and healing are the priorities.
  • I’m saying Yes! to slowing down, reflecting, learning, integrating and being more fully present in every moment, every interaction.
  • I’m saying Yes! to deep community and healthy, mutually supportive relationships across all areas of my life.

Current Guiding Question

How do I shift (and sustain the shift) the organizing principles of my life toward life affirming ways of being, doing, relating and working (in our current culture/context)?