Matthew Abrams

Matthew Abrams is Mycelium’s C0-Founder.

His work as a photojournalist and entrepreneur took him to 40 countries and offered him the chance to engage both the needs and opportunities of our world from a hands on perspective. These experiences offered the inspiration that gave form to Mycelium. Over the past 7 years he has facilitated workshops and conversations on Innovative Education Models, Social Entrepreneurship and Personal Purpose across the US in partnership with the Harvard, Sullivan Foundation, AshokaU, GOOD Magazine, Penn State, Generation Waking Up and others. He’s also offered keynote talks at conferences and event such as Sustainable Brands, the Innovation Exchange, TEDxYale, TEDxFurmanU and others.

Matthew also writes on the future of education and social entrepreneurship for publications including the Stanford Social Innovation Review, The Guardian of London, GOOD Magazine and the Matador Network.

Matthew holds a Masters Degree in International Education + Social Entrepreneurship from the SIT Graduate Institute.