Mason Greenewald

Artistic Samurai, Winter 2015 Participant // , ,

Until now, I was a graphic designer. That is, I went to school for design. I designed graphics in the field of design. receiving varying shapes, sizes, colors and weights of awards of design by other designers. I even, to this day, co-own my (co-) own design studio, Yonderday. And now, after two years in the business of whittling down what actually matters to me, I find the words “graphic” and “designer” just don’t. Furthermore, they don’t do the justice I wish to do in this/my/our world. And so, here I submit my official change of title and declare my role and responsibility re-allotment to be that of…messenger– a truly working title.

By trade, I am a messenger. That is, I amplify, package and deliver the word of the people. And the word is good. It is through exploiting pretty-smile laws of aesthetic pleasure, user-friendly faces of technology and sweet-tasting barbed and baited hooks of candy-coated clear communication, that a previously distant and garbled message may be relayed and accepted in the farthest reaches of the mind in the farthest reaches of the Land-of-the-Free Wi-Fi and other less-totally-unreal places.

And when opportunity gets out for recess- which is constant because my head is a Montessori school of butterflies- language is my playground. This may include but is not limited to Craigslist scams or spams I run on the side, sext messages encrypted in acronyms to the IRS or funeral toasts and wedding eulogies. This might possibly include written bios about the very meat body of which has oozed this very message through to your very you right now. Somewhere in my me is a dictionary of new words being written. Below each of these words a red line will be visible shouldgesting to the outside reader a misspelling or incorrectness has taken place. But, rest pretty assured, these “mistakes” are my underlines.

All that said,it appears Bromagnon survived the last Ice Age, has been fruitful and prospers without a bedtime. Meanwhile, Judgmentillness has spread into the very air which inflates our thought bubbles,and is weirding the atmosphere as we peak.

Luckily, the time is now like never before, and is hurrying up in the fitting room trying on sustainably-sourced one-leg-at-a-time pants and is already making happy accidents inside them. And the happy accidents will stain.

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I believe I am saying yes to:

  1. The acceptance of accountability to others working within the framework of Mystery.
  2. “Yes” to lighting a candle where limitation and possibility goes dark.
  3. “Yes” to focusing my vision between the crippling lines of doubt in self and others.