Marcais Frazier

Winter 2015 Participant // ,

I can clean I can clutter
I can be alone or your brother
I can cry I can laugh
I can give I can have

There is no one gift and no few aspirations that prevail as domineering in my experience: my life isn’t my own and I am multi-faceted in talent and skill. There is a beautifully complex world that governs my thoughts, interests and actions and I have found that to exercise any given ability with appropriate timing, proper intention and right intensity creates a rhythmic harmony to life that is simply delightful.

An artist doesn’t only paint pictures, but treats the entire world as a canvass. A philosopher doesn’t only debate theology, but makes sound deliberation a part of every decision. Following in such examples, whenever life and I dance in possibility around any subject we enter into a negotiation to unveil what is needed and how I can be of service.

I consider myself to be a “respondent of the moment”. There are, however, three distinct areas in which I feel particularly engaged: 1) nurturing the community of self – seeking to align with the “inner voice”; 2) preserving the community of culture – embracing shared aspirations to sustain the well being of people and place; and 3) fostering the community of expression – creating room for individuals to act out purposeful, authentic lives.

I stand in gratitude for all there is and all that will be. The best is yet to come!

A story yet to be written is the best book to read
A song with a unique melody is the best song to sing
The best reality is one made from dreams
Desire communicates what the soul really needs