Juany Roman Maqueira

Winter 2015 Participant // ,

Born and raised in Peru my journey and search for meaningful experiences in education brought me to the United States after studying in The Netherlands and spending time in India. I am a librarian, leisure studies specialist, Spanish teacher, teacher trainer, educational program developer, educational analyst and administrator, facilitator of academic diplomacy, advisor on educational policy to Ministries of Education in Latin America, organizational development strategists, management coach, mentor and most of all a HUMANIST.

My passion is to see people develop their human potential. Nothing fulfills me more than to see humans grow in every aspect of their lives and motivate them to ignite their best so that they see possibility in a world that apparently only offer challenges.

My core is education. I live it and breathe it as a way of life. I am fascinated by how we learn, how can we produce men and women that contribute to this world and how can the educational system elicit full ownership and participation compared to isolation and segregation of students, teachers and families who do not meet the “standards”.

I am a catalyst that makes things happen by building trust between people, layering with them  common ground, adding hope and courage and making their dreams a reality. I was blessed to try this between people, organizations, institutions and governments. After my many lives working in the field, I feel an urgent need to pause and re-think education as we know it, spin the approach so that every human in the world cannot only go to school but more importantly, get a chance to fully develop their potential and feel like a vibrant, valuable and meaningful contributor to this world.

My Learning Journey

I am saying YES to bring to the world what is coming from my highest self.
I am saying YES to surrendering to my life purpose and allowing it to show its path to me.
I am saying YES to service.