Jennifer Haines

Fall Lab 2015 & Summer 2014 Participant // , ,
I am a mother, wife, friend, educator/writer who has worked in and around educational settings for 30+ years. I’m a proud Michigander, but also enjoyed being raised in New York City and experiencing many different countries via travel and projects. I am fascinated by cross-cultural connections both abroad and at home.

I’m committed to helping Southeast Michigan youth get to their next step – helping with alternative high schools and youth spaces, and working with individuals of various ages to figure out their “next step” in a no-cost or low-cost way – moving them forward professionally or educationally without incurring major debt.

This project is called Alternative U, Llc, and it was launched with the help of Mycelium through my participation in the 2014 Summer Learning Journey.

I also volunteer with the American Gap Association to try to find new ways to get gap experiences out to a more economically, racially, and ethnically diverse group. Ideally, I’d like to see everyone have a gap experience with a service component at the end of high school and have this be funded for all.

My Learning Journey

I’m saying yes to making connections that will help me find viable, fulfilling paths for young people that are alternatives to saddling college debt, while boosting the Michigan economy at the same time.

My Current Guiding Question:

How do I create a nonprofit organization that will help provide young people, ages 18 – 24 with viable, economically or societally useful experiences that will both start them off on fulfilling life paths and keep them debt-free?