Jackie Sherman

Fall Lab 2015 Participant // ,

I have always been driven by a desired to contribute and to have an impact.  I have had a few distinct careers:  a development economist, an organization development consultant and leadership coach.  I have been employed by a university, by several large companies, and for the past 16 years, I have had my own consulting and coaching company.  At this point in my life I am asking myself whether I want to continue on this path, with intentionality, or create or find a new path.

I have lived in several places in the US, in England, Paris, and in Burkina Faso.  21 years ago I decided to move to Atlanta, where I have created a rich life across many dimensions – friends, spirituality, and culture to name a few.  I love to travel and explore new places – what I most enjoy is having connection with local people.  I speak French, and will learn Spanish during the next year.

I am a sister, daughter, aunt, friend, and partner.  And I am a lifelong learner.

My Fall Lab

I am saying YES to determining, with intentionality, what I want to focus my professional life on for this next period – 5 – 15 years. What compels or would fulfill me at this point in my life?

Current Guiding Question

For the past 20 years my life purpose has been: To live a full and joyful life, with integrity and vision to create positive, joyful relationships and to support others and myself to realize their potential in order to create a better world.

Is this still my life purpose? If I would like to have more impact, how does this purpose change, or how might I have more impact?

What would this require of me?

What is the world calling for from me at this point in my life?