Frances Rose Subbiondo

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Frances Rose is a plant-being — (a Mint & a Rose) — & a womyn of trans experience originally from New York City.  With her deepest roots in the Mediterranean, and growing through New Jersey, Houston, San Francisco, various jungles of the Americas, and Vermont, it was her relatively recent arrival to West Philadelphia that’s allowed her to finally feel at home — & to flower.

wildRose — (as she is known amongst magical faemily) — has long-believed that the spaces we create & inhabit directly influence our collective health.  She fiercely advocates for, & builds, spaces that nurture life.  Passionate about design, gardens, building, teaching, cooking, & yoga, she is a cultural worker.  She calls her work Living Systems Architecture — a discipline that features the co-creation of vibrant, healthy ecosystems that serve the needs of — while honoring the natural expressions of — all Life.  In other words, she helps marry people to place.

At present, France serves her Home communities of Radical Faeries both in West Philadelphia & at a mountain sanctuary in Southern Vermont called Destiny.  Branching out now more also into the Reclaiming Witch community, she brings her unique blend of vocational training in gardens, kitchens, & permaculture wherever she goes.  In her wake, she leaves: increasingly fertile gardens, delicious food, well-fed communities, & growing, shared visions of a regenerative culture.

Frances Rose i.d.’s as a transwomyn; a Witch; a Faerie; gender(queer); femme; with deep strains too of hippie & punk; an artist, with earnestly, old-fashioned sensibilities (that she probably picked up living with her Grandmother in the Village).  She desires most to find those in this world who know well what to do with her. <3 .

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My Learning Journey

I say yes to living a meaningful & effective life aimed at healing this planet — in gratitude & with humility. & I say ‘yes’ to the mutually-conspiring forces of love around me, that also want to heal & grow together. & a big YES to vulnerability.

Current Guiding Questions

  • How do I slow down, spread out, & sink my roots ever more deeply into all of my Home places?
  • What is the most compassionate thing i can do for myself in this moment?
  • What would a world beyond fear feel like?
  • How do we weave the details of our lives inextricably together into a cloth that heals us?