Ekua Adisa

Winter 2013 Participant & Learning Facilitator // , , ,

I am a sorceress, healer, urban priestess, word weaver, community building, bad ass mama. My skill sets including many things from facilitating workshops, to channeling ancestors for guidance, to officiating weddings, to pushing babies through the hallway of mystery into the world. I am all powerful.

As a teenager living in Milwaukee, WI, I was very involved in community endeavors, leading “Know Your Rights” trainings and participating in CopWatch and other programs. I knew that I wanted to go to college and I sought sisterhood, fellowship, and home at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. I experienced a number of traumas including sexual violence and the loss of a loved one during my freshman year. Due to a subsequent dramatic decline in my mental health coupled with a lack of adequate support, I left Spelman in my third semester seeking healing.

Almost immediately, I enrolled in a Massage Therapy program and after completing it, found myself in a community of young, Black, extremely gifted artists, queers, mediamakers, and evolutionary thinkers. I was weaving my world in new ways, and though the traumas continued to pile up, I continued to seek healing. I was led to the path of practicing Ra Sekhi (Kemetic Reiki) in 2009. This yanked me out of my bubble of depression and accelerated my healing to greater levels. It was at this time that I knew that it was time for me to leave Atlanta, and an auspicious opportunity arose for me to move to Asheville, NC.

Seeking a new level of healing from the emotional and spiritual bumps and bruises I’d acquired in Atlanta, Asheville provided new opportunities for me to integrate my identities as a writer, community organizer, and healer. I got involved in communities of color working to ensure food security while hearing the voices of ancestors call me to action to work around racial healing between Black folks and white folks in the area. It was my role to weave together deep ancestral healing work with intersectional community organizing and the arts.

As a healer and as a queer woman, becoming a mother has amplified my power and my understanding of my work in new miraculous ways. I am in the middle of deciding who I am now, and how my work looks differently as I have relocated back to Atlanta to heal some unfinished wounds and become myself again in new ways. I’m really interested in using story medicine to heal, especially around pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. I am excited to be on my path of healing and building families and tribes that are yet unseen. I am humbled to be living a life that is in service to life, to love, and to the wisdom of our mother, Earth.