Christie Albrecht

Fall Lab 2015 Participant // ,


After 7 years walking a conventional path, Christie Albrecht quit her fancy-pants DC marketing job at a big international charity in 2014 to go offscript in pursuit of a life better lived. This new road has taken her on many adventures – a 500-mile hike across Spain and journeys across Europe, Central America and South America – and led to the founding of Offscripting with her brother, Tony, a multifaceted project to coax people onto alternative paths. She keeps the lights on with a wee bit of marketing consulting and spends the rest of her time writing, blogging at, building the Offscripting empire and seeing the world.

My Fall Lab

I’m saying “yes!” to carving out space in my life to pursue Offscripting, a multifaceted project to inspire other people to live their best life. I’m particularly driven to use writing as a mechanism to accomplish this while working in tandem with my brother to build a social venture and living community that work to this end.

Current Guiding Question

What does the world desperately need that we are uniquely positioned to satisfy?