Annie Price

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Annie Price is an entrepreneurial learning facilitator, trainer, and coach. She actively engages the dual forces of grounding and launching, depending on the needs of her clients. Annie understands the ebb and flow of the entrepreneurial journey and the importance of integrated personal and professional development along the way.

For the past seven years she has served as a Business Developer with Mountain BizWorks where she has been guiding cohorts of aspiring and existing business owners through the business planning process, while also coaching one-on-one in three-month action-oriented contracts. Her latest entrepreneurial endeavor is as Lead Consultant and Trainer for Birds Eye Business Planning and Consulting. Birds Eye’s team of experienced business developers help clients to gain an aerial perspective of the challenges and opportunities in the existing and foreseeable landscape and create laser-focused plans to move forward. Areas of focus include marketing, product or service research and development, operations, and financials.

In her work supporting the personal development of her clients, Annie creates opportunities to: Restore. Reflect. Create. Connect. These are the guiding principles in her own life and she has been able to translate these calls to action into tangible ways to move people forward on their own journeys.

Born in Mansa, Zambia, and with a background in Cultural Anthropology, Annie brings a global perspective to her work. As a certified yoga instructor, she holds space for her personal practice and for the commitments that others hold to deepening their own self-discovery. She is also dedicated to leaving space for fun and spontaneity to show up in her professional and personal life. Asheville, NC is where she calls home.