Abi Koning

Fall Lab 2015 Participant // ,

I’m Abi—poet, community-builder, organizer, healer, aspiring Theatre of the Oppressed practioner, earth caretaker, justice seeker, and lover of story in all its myriad forms. Originally from Michigan, I moved down to Atlanta in 2012 and fell in love with the south. Much of my life is devoted to learning methods and developing skills to resist capitalism and build a more life-affirming world. I’m particularly drawn to storytelling, permaculture/ecology, collective living, art that illuminates rather than obscures, resource sharing, queer love/rage/magic, radical approaches to mental health, and face paint. I’ve spent the last three years working in communications for a nonprofit organization and living in Wonky Haus, a collective/community I co-founded. However, I’m currently in a transition phase of my life and looking forward to a time of intentional focus on developing my craft (story) and exploring ways that storytelling can be used for social change.

My Fall Lab

I am saying YES to living a life that is more intimately connected with my passions. I am saying yes to creating space to intentionally hone my craft. I am saying yes to new opportunities, to unexpected connections, to the possibility of fulfilling and sustaining work. I am saying yes to embracing the uncertainty of transition, to being present with the discomfort of growth, to uneven evolution, to allowing paths to unfold without forcing them emerge prematurely. I am saying yes to the power that lies within me, that lies within all of us, to build more life-affirming worlds together.

Current Guiding Question

How can I transform my passions into tangible offerings that sustain me, benefit my communities, and contribute to a more life-affirming world?