My name is Tony, and I’m writing to you on behalf of Mycelium, an organization that has provided me with crucial support and inspiration as I step into a lifestyle more authentic and work that feels like it’s mine to do. I am a lawyer by training and claim St. Louis, Missouri, as my home. However, my winding path over the past couple years has included traveling in more than a dozen countries on four continents, volunteering hundreds of hours with seminarians in Mozambique, teachers in Thailand, and the homeless in St. Louis.

I also started Offscripting, a social venture designed to help people rewrite the stories that shape their lives.  

I agreed to write a letter for Mycelium’s Winter Appeal despite having an aversion to asking for money. And while the organization does want (and need) money to keep the lights on and the dogs fed, what I actually want to ask you for is your energy, your attention, and your passion.

If you’re receiving this letter, it’s because someone within the Mycelium network identified you as a person we want on board in creating a new paradigm, one that works for all of us. I’m a single member of the growing network of changemakers and seekers, and we grow stronger and more versatile as a collective with each person who says yes. So it is in my self interest for YOU to get involved with this organization.   

What that looks like for you, I don’t know. I found Mycelium online in a somewhat random fashion 18 months ago and have now participated in two different programs, a 12-week Learning Journey in 2014 and a Venture Track Learning Journey that just began. They’ve provided me with crucial support and insight as I navigate the uncharted waters between the stable career I walked away from in 2013 and whatever it is I’m moving toward.

Mycelium began with a single person, a single vision. After four years, the network has expanded to include thousands of people and dozens of projects shaping a new paradigm.

And, as far as I can tell, Mycelium is just getting warmed up.

My sense is that the coming year will be a tipping point for Mycelium, and without necessarily knowing you, I am confident in saying that I’d love for you to be a part of it. Thank you for your time, and please contribute in any way that feels meaningful.

Much love,