clear-visionMycelium Presents: Idea Crystallization with Donnie Maclurcan

Saturday, October 5th 10:00-11:30p

Mojo Co-Working – 60 North Market St. Asheville, NC

Do you want to gain clarity on what it is you are trying to achieve with your idea, project or organization? If so, it’s critical to have a clear sense of your initiative’s essence and its place in the world.

Come to this fast-paced workshop to run through processes that provide real clarity on what you are undertaking and offering.

Suitable for entrepreneurs, social innovators, creative types and people at any stage of their work, benefits of participation include:

  • A clearer sense of your initiative’s objectives and its place in the relevant ‘landscape’
  • Useful tools for replicating the idea crystallization process yourself
  • A chance to share and refine your ideas with others

About the facilitator:

Donnie Maclurcan is an experienced community facilitator and consultant, having worked with more than 200 community groups and projects, across 24 countries. His general approach is to build on what’s already working, while retaining a critical lens by which to make such assessments. Day-to-day, Donnie is the ideas guy at Project Australia, an organisation helping people start, scale and sustain not-for-profit initiatives, and co-director of the Post Growth Institute – an international group exploring and inspiring paths to global prosperity that don’t rely on economic growth (and the group behind Free Money Day). He’s an Affiliate Professor of Social Science at Southern Oregon University, holds a PhD in technology and international development, and is best known as ‘that guy who ran across Australia as a teenager’, raising $35,000 as an ambassador for The Fred Hollows Foundation.


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