Last week was a milestone  for Mycelium. Not only was it our first week with our newest team member, Mike Marcus, but it was the first  learning journey delivered by The Mycelium School: The Compass Project. Participants hailed from Maryland, Arizona, New York, Ohio, New Jersey as well as a couple from here in Asheville.  They all showed up eager to deepen their awareness of their purpose on this planet and to get activated toward delivering it  to the world.


The week was facilitated by world-class instructors. To kick things off, Maureen McCarthy and Zelle Nelson  introduced the Blue Print of Me  – a framework and process that they co-created to develop  an operating manual unique to each individual.  The process  has a wide following, including International Governments, CEOs at Fortune 100 companies, and married couples and individuals around the globe . Participants deepened their self-awareness in a profound way, including how they relate within groups.


Once they dove deep into who they are as individuals, Ashley Cooper, Mycelium’s Learning Catalyst worked her magic in leading a collective awareness of the participants and their potential as a whole. By creating the conditions for trust and vulnerability, each of the participants were able to open up and share their hopes, dreams & fears with one another. By the middle of the week, everyone was primed to create something together that harnessed each of their super powers. And there were lots of super powers.


Enter Marc O’Brien, experiential social chemist formerly of Project M. Marc has led dozens of rapid prototyping entrepreneurial sessions over the past few years and he brought his Think Wrong framework to our participants (now self-described Navigators… “Navs” for short.) In 16 hours, the Navs were tasked with innovating, designing and prototyping a social enterprise.


They created Do. True. You. (Notice Galen’s custom designed Do. True. You. Teeshirt)

310 hours, hundreds of post-its and 13 custom designed tee shirts later, the Navs hit the streets. Their intention was to see if they could mimic their experience with Compass and create a space for complete strangers to engage in deeply meaningful conversations. They split up with 6 flip cams and signs reading “What can you teach us?” and “What matters to you?”  Details to follow, but I’ll just say it was a smashing success on levels we’re all only beginning to realize.


At the week’s end, we all gathered at the Biltmore Estate for a picnic and closing ceremony. Sitting in circles, the music softly playing in the distance, the fireflies glowing and swirling around us, we each held our heart in our palms and shared it with the group. There were tears, laughter and wisdom as old as the mountains around us. As we shared our stories and appreciation of one-another, it became clear that each participant had a transformative experience and had developed a sense of connection that we could only have dreamed of. I was reminded why Mycelium was created in the first place and look forward to boldly offering it to the world.