There comes a time in some people’s lives when they realize that all the paths society has burned into the realities of “normal” no longer seem viable. This can be both a terrifying and liberating realization.
This is a threshold that many indigenous cultures design for. These cultures are sensitive to the evolutionary process from child to adult and holistically support this emergence through vision quests or walkabouts as a rite of passage for those making the journey to a new chapter in life. 
However, in our modern day western culture, this rite of passage is often celebrated by 21 drinks at the bar on our 21st birthday. This rite of passage doesn’t resonate with all people. Some of us must find our own way. Our own transitions into adulthood. It is for them that we created the Compass Project.
A few shots from this exciting week…
Mycelium Rites of Passage Alternative Education Program