walking the path

A calling to touch the hearts of humans in ways that bring about happiness and well-being for as much of humanity as possible is not an easy calling to follow… particularly if you’re a grounded, practical type that also draws heavily on your intuition. From time to time, I’ll be sharing some reflections from the road of walking the path while creating Mycelium.

Not only are we inviting 18-35 year olds into a 9-month learning program that focuses on creative, adaptive leadership skills, but we are also in the process of setting up our own organizational structure to one that follows these practices and principles of leadership, design and implementation.

While I have a lot of experience creating learning environments, it’s new for me to also be balancing the intricate responsibilities of being an entrepreneur and setting up an organization as complex as ours. I am learning a lot about what it means to be a business leader, a strong woman that is dedicated to remaining true to my values and integrity while also carrying through on my commitments. It’s quite a journey to balance the work that needs to get done with the deep listening of birthing something new, maintaining emotional honesty, and the constant learning and growth for our leadership team and myself!

What is standing out as most central to me right now is the imperative of knowing what is “my calling”? Why am I here? What am I saying yes to? And what is essential for me to stay connected to in order to keep bringing my best self and greatest assets forward? When times get hard and it feels like it’d be easier to walk away and take on a less ambitious challenge, it is my own personal mission that keeps me aligned with where to take the next step.

Another helpful factor is that I am blessed to have a business partner that is as dedicated to the long-term relationship building and the essential foundational work that is necessary to live amongst the complexity and constantly changing conditions of being a start-up. More on that one another time!