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Ideas into Action: Social Entrepreneurs Supporting Each Other

The Five Core Components of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

timthumbThe final week of the Social Entrepreneurship Conversation Series focused on taking ideas from the previous weeks’ conversations and actually putting them into action – bringing together groups of entrepreneurs and teachers to support their fellows in planning and workshopping sustainable enterprise beginning with an overview of the social entrepreneurial ecosystem as a whole.

Community Conversation with Alan Webb

After spending our first session of the Social Enterprise Conversation Series talking about the core concept of a social enterprise — the next step was to dive a little deeper into the core principles and practices that inform HOW we go about being a social enterprise.

Our session started out by talking, appropriately, on where one should start when building a new enterprise, or describing what one does.

As the session got underway, we warmed things up by having everyone in the room describe what they do. As we went around the room, it quickly became clear that we had an amazing group of folks with us. And what happened next only amplified that perception.