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Kevin Jones, Founder of SoCap

David McConville, President of the Buckminster Fuller Institute

Janell Kapoor, Founder of Kleiwerks International


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Mycelium Philosophy

The 20th Century broke our inter-connected world down into parts and tried to manage each of these parts in isolation. If we want to flip the script in the 21st Century, we need to learn how to think of the world not as a collection of parts, but as an interconnected system. We design and execute to evolve the system as a whole.

Future Project’s Philosophy

Future rejects the status quo of out-dated, winner-takes-all strategies and tactics. Instead, we play at the edge of a new set of business realities—embracing a set of guiding principles that place abundance, good, and the proliferation of positive change as our highest goals. We encourage, and provide techniques for, “thinking wrong” to generate new ideas and design directions for achieving these goals.