The following innovators are some of the coolest, brightest, most outside-the-box thinkers and doers we’ve ever met. We are grateful to have them help in the co-design of Mycelium. But don’t take our word for it, check ’em out for yourself…

Brock LeMieux is a facilitator of community, change, and learning who thinks in terms of people over place. Using design as a tool for change, he works to catalyze global innovation communities. Through the power of play, he facilitates workshops, gives presentations, and hosts events (pop-up ‘learning spaces/do tank‘ style things). Currently, he’s busy building a service design thinking community in Oslo, Norway and weaving this creative network into the local fields of tech startups and social innovation. His dream (and current project) for the Oslo creative industry, is a physical space to host cross-sector collaboration between such networks. Driven by a lifelong and nomadic learning philosophy, He’s lived in over seven countries and counting. All before the age of 21. He loves to write and is currently contributing to the upcoming book ‘Knowmad Society’, hitting your screen by early 2012.

Eddie Harran is a Digital Strategist, Social Innovator, Aspring Futurist and a Knowmad.

As an advisor and coach, he helps individuals and organizations see what is possible.

As a researcher, web ‘sherpa’ and futurist, he explores leading trends on the edge and help entrepreneurs and change-makers embrace the opportunities they present.

As a social entrepreneur, he supports, inspires, and educates people on the convergence of technology and social change.

His non-linear career path has taken him on amazing adventures that constantly required him to adapt to a world of unpredictability and change, giving him the unique blend of skills to see things in multi-dimensional ways.

Throughout all his service, work, play, and adventure, he has been driven by one question: how do we unlock human’s potential?

Well… You already know Iba ; ) …and if you don’t, you can check out the Q & A HERE

Inês Santos Silva has always felt like a Pirate. She’s brave, crazy and loves to make ideas happen. There is nothing she can do to stop her from starting new projects, develop new ideas and make the impossible to Change the World. At Startup Pirates she has the opportunity to do what she loves the most. Startup Pirates is building an incubator to help both people and startups to be successful by  given them the right tools and the motivation to make that possible. They are creating a Movement that will change the entrepreneurial landscape. She’s a proud geek and dreamer!

Steve Daniels is an entrepreneur, designer, and engineer. By day he makes game show-crushing supercomputers friendly to humans. By night he studies grassroots innovation. By really late at night he sees live music and eats at taco trucks.

Steve is the lead creator of the Better World By Design conference and Makeshift Magazine

Sunnie Jaye Tölle spent the first 20 years of her life in a suburb of Zurich, Switzerland. For her undergraduate studies she got accepted to the class of 2012 at Yale University where she is currently majoring in economics and writing her senior thesis on the economic value of positive work environments. During her first semester at Yale in 2008 she came up with the idea for The HappyHap Project, a student organization that promotes a more optimistic campus through creative projects.Most recently, she is the organizer for the inaugural TEDxNewHaven conference. 

Jessica Yancey-Siegel “Weezie” is a changemaker, discoverer, student of life, whatever you want to call it. She is an undergraduate student taking a semester off to try out more of a self-designed, experiential approach to learning. Along the way, she hopes to create something new and spark further social change in the area of education, social media, global citizenship, and general do-gooding 🙂