A Time of Firsts

A few months ago, The William T. Morris Foundation voted to support The Mycelium School with a seed grant.  It’s not only our first, but also the first time the 60-year-old foundation has supported an organization that is still in the development phase.

These kinds of decision are risky, rewarding and necessary.  In our time of transition, we all must make decisions that, at times, go against the safe bet.  The safe bet may change scenarios, but the risky bet can change systems.

Money is something we work hard for.  It is something of value.  However, it is not implicitly something of meaning.  As we move into the future we must ask ourselves, “how can we use the tool of money to increase the amount of meaning in our lives?”

We believe it comes with understanding the responsibility inherent in money and the potential it has to impact the world.  The William T. Morris Foundation took a chance on us.  There is hard-earned money that was invested in The Mycelium School that may never reap a return.   This action requires courage; the kind of courage we will need as we evolve toward the future.  There are no safe bets anymore.

We’d like to acknowledge The William T. Morris Foundation in their courage as well as all of you who have and continue to support our work.  While there are no guarantees, we look forward to providing you with a social return on your investment that goes beyond your wildest dreams.

Thank you to the WTM Foundation and all of you who buck the norm to do something you believe in.