So here we are in Asheville, North Carolina staying at the Kleiwerks Eco-Sweet meeting folks and checking out the lay of the land.  It’s an interesting phenomenon how the school has been drawn to the Asheville area for a good year now, yet this is the first time we’ve come to say hello.  And you know what?  It’s wise to trust intuition.  Prospective school partners and strangers alike, continue to be genuine, engaged and supportive.  Here’s a taste of the school’s prospective co-creators we’re meeting with this week:

Natural Building:

We’re meeting with Janell and Kevin from Kleiwerks; an organization that has been formative in rebuilding Haiti by empowering locals with natural building skills so that in the end it will be Haitians that rebuild Haiti.

Community Partnership:

Later in the week we meet with Dan Leroy, from GO! Green Opportunities – a community-based development organization dedicated to improving lives, communities and the health of the planet through innovative green collar job training and placement programs.


We’ll meet with a women just north of Asheville who we’ve been speaking with over the past months about potentially turning The Mycelium School from idea to reality on her 300 acres hugging Pisgah National Forest.


Check out ASAP – The Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project and see what communities are doing to develop local agriculture, support local farmers and profoundly transform the was food gets done in America. That’s where we’re going tomorrow

We’ve also got some meetings set up with old and new friends that will most certainly involve locally-brewed  pints, stories and laughter.

All little steps in bringing big dreams to life.