Are you ready to say YES to 12 weeks focused
on a project or life question that is calling for your attention?

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Journeyers fall into one of these two categories:

  • At a crossroads in your life, deciding which direction to go for the next stage of your journey
  • Launching a purpose-driven venture, initiative or project

And ALL Journeyers are:

  • Dedicated to having a positive impact in the world
  • Adult learners of any age
  • Willing to invest at least 5 hours a week into their Journey

While Mycelium Journeyers know they have something awesome to contribute to the world, they are also clear that there are key experiences, skills, knowledge and connections they need in order to more fully bring their visions to life.

Read the questions on the rest of this page (and click the “+” to see more about each question). If it feels like we’re talking about you, then it’s likely time for us to go on an adventure together!

Mycelium Journeyers say yes to the following questions…
Do you have a project you’re developing or a powerful question that is guiding you?
People that are a good fit to journey with us are clear about what it is they are pursuing. This could come in the form of a burning question like, “How do I create a viable financial model for my social enterprise” or “How can schools and communities work dynamically together?” 
Do you have a desire to make the world better for people and the planet?
This one is pretty straight forward, but it’s important that we ask. If you want to launch a business with the solitary goal of being profitable, that’s great, but you’re likely not a good fit for Mycelium. However, if you want to launch a profitable business that is also focused on educating your customers, nurturing the earth and creating an adaptive culture that values its employees, well then, now you’re talking.
Are you dedicated to learning the knowledge, skills and self-awareness that will help you do your work in the world?
On a journey with us you will not receive a class schedule, set curriculum and clear course direction. The greatest way that we can be of service is not to define a path for you, but to create the conditions where together we can design a journey and create a curriculum that will serve your goals, inspire your highest potential and offer you the opportunities to grow and develop. For this partnership to flourish, it’s important that you’re dedicated from the start.
Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Have you shown initiative to make things happen in your life?
This does not mean that you identify as an entrepreneur, but rather you are biased toward doing. If you see a challenge or opportunity, you experiment, you prototype, you get off your butt and figure it out.
Do you have a strong imagination and creative capacity?
Since there is no direct path from where you are now to where you want to go, you must use your imagination to think about creative ways to get to where you’re going. There is no doubt you will hit roadblocks, and we’ll help you with that, but we want to know that you can use your ingenuity to navigate around them.
Are you eager to work and learn collaboratively?
You will be working, learning and creating with others. People on this journey with you may come from different cultures or different worldviews. They may see and think about things differently. It’s important that you are open and committed to learning about yourself and others in a way that will allow for generative work to be accomplished by everyone.
Are you looking for a learning experience that will support you in living the fullest you can even if it's really hard work?
To travel with us you have to be willing to take risks and try new things. You might even have to challenge some of your own thought patterns in order to design a path forward that moves beyond some of the obstacles that are holding you back. You’re also at risk of having to face the experience of succeeding as you dive even further into your greatest strengths and flourish in ways that are beyond what you can imagine.


If you answer yes to these questions, then taking a journey with us could be a great idea. Your next step is to fill out an application HERE and schedule a 30 minute conversation with one of our Learning Journey travel agents.