What is Mycelium?

The mycelium organism is the root system of mushrooms; an underground network that connects to the roots of plants and trees and distributes nutrients and information to support the health of the whole ecosystem. This adaptive, pro-health organism is a teacher for us as we ask, “How can humans more successfully interact with each other in ways that nourish ourselves, each other and the world.”

The Mycelium organization is a learning community that hosts experiments in education, works to support the evolution of the entire field of education and cultivates a network of change agents. We create experiences that engage, nourish and weave a living, learning network for social transformation. We collaborate with many amazing individuals and organizations that are a part of this emerging ecosystem in education and that are also dedicated to having a positive influence in the world. To see some of the experiences we’re creating, click here.

Education is soil that cultivates new ways of thinking and acting in our world.

What Guides Us

Our Mission
Mycelium connects people driven to ignite positive impact and creates the conditions for relevant learning and meaningful action.
Our Values
  • Interconnectedness – We’re all in this together. We view parts in relationship to their context, while honoring their interdependence.
  • Learning – We are learning focused, dedicated to asking questions and encouraging growth.
  • Integrity – We act based on personal and collective values, principles, goals and vision. We stay true to our own deep knowing of what is of greatest value.
  • Aliveness – We are a living organism and operate based on principles of nature. We hold space for adaptive flexibility and cultivate a fun and playful vitality within our work experience.
  • Agency – We are empowered to think and act critically and creatively. We take risks and express what we desire. We ask for help and take action to do what needs to be done in service to the whole.


Our Vision
To cultivate learning communities of tenacious innovators creating systemic solutions that increase the health, connectivity and resilience of our world.
Our Philosophy
20th Century thinking broke our interconnected world down into parts and tried to manage each of these parts in isolation. If we want to flip the script in the 21st Century, we need to learn how to think of the world not as a collection of parts, but as an interconnected system. We design and execute to evolve the system as a whole.

Our Strategy: 3 Core Areas of Focus

The School
The Mycelium School is a living, learning laboratory. A place for research and experimentation in the fields of education and social change. We focus on educational programs that support learners to live meaningful lives in service to themselves, their communities and the world. Our central program is the Mycelium Learning Journey. Learn more about Learning Journeys and consider joining us as we explore the question, “What are we individually and collectively capable of?” 

The Field
We play a catalyzing role in nurturing and growing the field of education. This field is evolving and we are paying attention to what is working in the current system and the new initiatives sprouting with rapid speed. There are people and organizations cultivating educational experiences that nourish life, foster connection and provide opportunities for relevant learning. We are listening to this emerging ecosystem in education and helping to make it more visible, interconnected and effective. We do this through the development of tools, media, hosted conversations and convergences.

The Network
There is the obvious – mycelium is a networked organism. We are cultivating a network of change agents who are dedicated to sharing nutrients and information in order to learn and create together. While we are constantly growing our web, we have not yet focused our attention into concrete ways of making visible and amplifying the capacities of this network of change agents. If this is an area where you have passion and energy to invest – we have the people and connections and are ready to see and experience the power of these interconnected relationships. Get in touch!

As you can see, we DREAM BIG… because we believe that’s what our world needs right now.

Are you ready to say YES to 12 weeks focused on a project or life question that is calling for your attention? Learn More!

The challenges facing humanity and our planet are complex, interconnected and constantly changing. Leaders must be bold, adaptive and able to respond with interconnected, systemic solutions.

We are living in a time that is hungry for new ways of thinking and acting — a time that requires a new type of leader, one who sees the world as a living system in constant flux and evolution. Leaders who understand the call of our times, who are guided by life-affirming values and principles, and who feel challenged to make a difference. Leaders who don’t go at it alone, but invite others into the process.

Today’s world is changing fast and traditional educational institutions often lack the agility to rapidly evolve and adapt to this pace of change. We feel responsible education must offer flexible and adaptive models that meet the demands of the modern world. The aim of Mycelium is to cultivate leaders who are life-long learners that are confident, creative and able to address the unforeseen challenges and opportunities of our times.

There are people all over the world who are stepping forward and moving beyond the habits of business as usual. They are designing more regenerative, resilient and vital communities, businesses and societies. Mycelium is here to support them in bringing their work and their leadership more fully into the world.