7 Core Disciplines


We spent three years talking to and working with social innovators and entrepreneurs, alternative education leaders, curriculum designers, biologists, impact investors and business journalists to learn what tomorrow’s leaders will need to know to thrive in the 21st Century. We covered hundreds of ideas and distilled them down to 7 core disciplines that will lay the foundation and framework for Mycelium participants. They are as follows:

Through personal and collective practices, Mycelium offers deep & diverse experiences designed to allow participants to discover what makes them come alive and develop an understanding of how they relate to themselves, others and the world.
Living Systems Thinking
Participants receive a strong grounding in living systems thinking – understanding how all of life is connected, alive and in a constant state of change –  in theory and practice which is integrated through real life design, application and reflection.
Creative, Adaptive Leadership
Participants will develop the skills, experiences and knowledge base needed to lead with integrity among complexity and rapid change.
Design Science
Participants will learn how to scientifically create social experiments designed to offer entrepreneurial solutions to root social & environmental problems.
Social Entrepreneurship
In researching, designing, prototyping, creating and launching a social enterprise, participants will develop the skills and experiences needed to have a solid foundation for them to create a social enterprise of their own that adds value to social and environmental systems while maintaining profitability.
Network Building
Through the 9-month program, participants will learn techniques to build out their network while actively establishing a deep and diverse community of support that will aid them in their lives and as entrepreneurs.
Creating Healthy Systems
Mycelium participants study the theory and practice of social change and social movements while also designing and executing social change experiments throughout the community of Asheville and beyond.