7 Elements II

Imagine what you could accomplish in 12 weeks
with a clear intention and a community of support!

What is Mycelium?

Mycelium is a learning community: a living network of people committed to activating their fullest potential and creating solutions to the challenges and opportunities of our times.Learn More

Learning Reimagined

Mycelium provides a necessary alternative for aspiring entrepreneurs and social-change agents of all ages, who believe they can learn better with less structure, more support and in collaboration with others.Learn More

A Learning Journey

12 weeks dedicated to a project or life question. A custom designed learning program that provides structure and support to help build the skills, connections and personal confidence needed to bring one’s visions to life.Learn More

Begin the Journey

Do you have the guts to step into the unknown world of your potential? Are you ready to own the responsibility of your life in all its wonder, vulnerability and purpose? If you are, we’re here to support you.Learn More

The Mycelium Collective

Why Mycelium

  • Develop a deeper sense of who you are, how you learn and what support you need
  • Clarify and develop your vision
  • Refine your direction
  • Identify and build key skill sets
  • Make connections to thought leaders in relevant fields that will support your personal and professional development
  • Create a personal advisory board
  • Develop the ability to work efficiently with diverse teams
  • Create a clear framework on how to design, prototype, and launch a venture that is responsible, resilient & profitable
  • Develop an ongoing community of action that will continue to keep you accountable and focused on the execution of your initiative

What People are Saying

The Mycelium Learning Journey was an illuminating individual, and simultaneously co-creative, exploration that took me way deeper than I had anticipated, into understanding how I learn best, and what it is that I need to learn now. It included the inoculation and cultivation of a living network of new colleagues, friends, encouragers, and co-learners that promises to be a fertile resource for all of us into the future.
Christy Lee-Engel, Learning Journey Participant, Learning Catalyst
My Mycelium Learning Journey has been a remarkable awakening and a transformative experience. I am more aligned with the work that I do in the world and able to communicate it in a way that is both genuine and simple There is more clarity, more joy, more ease and more time!
Cheri Torres, Learning Journey Participant, Advisor, Learning Catalyst
The support that i feel is some of the most authentic and deep support i have ever felt.
Adam B. Gilles, Learning Journey Participant
The Mycelium Learning Journey changed my life. It provided structure to my path in a way that allowed me to see myself more clearly, and clear the clutter from my life enabling me to better do my work in the world.
Ekua Adisa, Learning Journey Participant
Having the opportunity to partner with Mycelium was one of the most unique experiences I have had as a Coach. There was creative freedom as well as structure, transformation as well as accountability to goals, spaciousness to journey to the edges, as well as an itinerary of where to go next. Thank you Matthew Abrams and Ashley Cooper for the creating the space for us all to grow.
Jami Patterson, Learning Coach
When I heard about The Mycelium School for the first time, I realized this was the program I have been looking for. An amazing learning experience that provides the right framework for individuals to grow and become leaders of the 21st century.
Ines Silva, Founder of Startup Pirates, Sandbox Network Community Manager
More than ever, our society faces an urgent need to develop leaders that dare to dream the impossible and tackle the world’s biggest problems. This requires nurturing and supporting leaders in all aspects of their development. The Mycelium School understands this need and is courageously creating a holistic learning program designed to support tomorrow’s leaders.
Spud Marshall, Co-Founder of New Leaf Initiative